Minimalistic tendencies

Recently I have become somewhat of a minimalist convert. After my partner successfully made me do the "switch" (to Mac) a couple of years ago and after she taught me that "holding on to stuff" not only clutters the apartment but also literally clutters our mind and soul, I have started to appreciate a leaner and cleaner lifestyle.

Less clutter, less things that I keep, less things to keep clean. Less things to move or carry around. Less baggage for the soul. A clear and free mind.

I am trying to follow the same approach in my work and digital life now. A cleaner Mac OS (emptier dock, clean desktop - almost there). A organized mailbox (work, still working on my private mailboxes). These are all little steps that help me focus.

Our lives (and our software and the Internet) are way too cluttered.

These blogs might help you follow a minimalist approach as well:

I wrote this post with Writeroom - a Mac application that is designed to help you focus on writing. Amazing. It kind of reminds me of Dougie Howser and the archaic computer he used for writing his journal.

Writeroom - Distraction free writing software for your Mac

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06 November 2009 • Geek stuff, Minimalist, PersonalComments (0)Permalink
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