Installing MySQLdb on Mac OS X Leopard

After many frustrating hours I finally managed to install MySQLdb for Python on my new Mac machine.

What went wrong? I made the mistake of installing a 64 bit version of MySQL 5.1 a couple of weeks ago. Python, however was build in 32 bit. There are many website dealing with this problem (see here and here) but it still did not seem to be solvable for me. After trying reinstalling the 32 bit MySQL and playing around with Fink (a package installer for Mac OS) I was about to try and start off from scratch. It turned out that even though I deleted the 64 bit MySQL and deleted the Fink MySQL package, some residual files where still left on the system. After removing all of the MySQL versions (both the Fink version in /sw/share/ and the MySQL package installed ones in /usr/local/mysql; /usr/local/mysql-version..) and reinstalling the right package one more time, I finally got MySQLdb too work. Here is moment of triumph:

Terminal Windows - MySQLdb install successful

The upside of my hours "wasted": I got to learn a little bit more about bash, building and compiling and setting colors on the terminal window.

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