The largest white-collar crime

An interesting UCLA forum video about the IndyMac collapse and the bank crisis in general.

Some short excerpts:

Why it is that Obama is rescueing these people that have brought the global economy to the brink of collapse...
he could have cleaned house...All of the hope that was there - in the election hype - that is not going to happen...
Because Obama's primary economic advise comes from the people who helped create the crisis. And as long as you get your advise from people who don't want to admit that they were wrong about essentially everything they did in their professional lives.

Parts of this video summarized exactly how I feel about the US government and the Obama administration right now. It really does break my heart that all the promises of the Obama campaign are turning into big lies. How could Obama appoint people in his government to deal with the largest crisis of my lifetime, that were so intricately tied to the whole system that has caused the crisis.

In Europe, I am not much of a socialist. In the US I would join the people (tax payers) if they were going out for a march on Washington and Wall Street. Can't someone start sueing these people?

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18 August 2009 • Economy, Finance, Investing


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