Take a deep breath

The past few days we have been blessed with an out of town guest staying over. It reminds me of how pleasant it is to:

  • Talk to someone older with a lot of life experience;
  • who has experienced all these different cultures (Dutch, German, American, Australian) in her life;
  • who is so full of life energy;
  • with an infectious holistic approach to everything in life;
  • and is an excellent Yoga instructor.

So this morning we got to enjoy a private Yoga lesson which brought us to extreme relaxation.

I am also more aware now about how much I enjoy entertaining a house guest. Or at least in the sense that the sharing of food (and other little comforts) really makes me happy. I have my partner to thank for that: I have never before enjoyed food this much in my life. The sharing of food (and looking forward to eating it) has become an increasingly important part of my life. I am definitely on a "seefood" diet...

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13 June 2009 • Personal


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