Gaming addiction

In my 'younger' years I used to play a lot of (PC) video games. I must have spent hours playing games like the Settlers or Warcraft. When I grew older, I successfully fought the urge to immerse myself in these games. I also did not keep up with new game releases as frequently anymore. The time was spent well on other things. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of the times when I did play games, I always wanted to finish a game as quickly as possible. Not that I did not want to enjoy the game - I really did. But more that I wanted to experience the game completely, get through it and be done with it. In the case of First Person Shooters I often ended up using cheat codes to finish the game as quick as possible. I was not that interested in being an expert shooter, I just wanted to have finished the story.

A couple of times a year I still have this urge to play a computer game (aside from the occasional Wii-ing that I do). The last couple of times that went something like this: I install a game and start playing it. More and more hours are 'used' up on playing. I get frustrated with how much time this is costing me. I decide this is a waste of my time. The game is deleted from my computer and will not be played again.

Every time this happens (it does not happen a lot), I feel like I have overcome some kind of addiction.

On another note. If I have to choose my all-time favorite game it would probably be Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. Sushi in fishbowl did not end the game well with me. She had to be transferred into that desk lamp and then somehow I could not resist the urge to "Turn on + Lamp".

These early (graphical) adventure games did wonders for my English btw.

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13 March 2009 • Personal


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