Adding a deleted (removed) SharePoint user

If you ever run into this problem with your SharePoint installation:

"Can not add the user because a user with that name already exists"

Then here is the solution. (this problem drove me crazy for a while)

This problem may occur when:

  1. You create a user account in AD or as a Local User
  2. You add the user to the Sharepoint site
  3. You delete the user account from AD or Local Users
  4. You then create a new user account using same logon name as the account you previously deleted
  5. You try to add the new user account that you just created to the Sharepoint site

No matter how you try and delete this user, (even if you try and do it from the command line) SharePoint will keep on telling you that the user already exists.

Even though you may have deleted the account and removed the account from the users list on the Sharepoint site, Sharepoint still stores the username and SID in its configuration. The issue occurs because the SID stored of the old user account does not match the SID of the new user account.


Open to the "Manage Site Collection Users" page by typing one of the following into your address bar:

  • http://ServerName/_layouts/1033/Siteusrs.aspx - in case of a Portal site.
  • http://ServerName/SiteName/_layouts/1033/Siteusrs.aspx - in case of a WSS site.

Find the User in the list, mark the checkbox and click "Remove Selected Users" to definitely remove this User. You can then go back to the Add Users page and add the (new) user.

You would think that they had a link to this Management page somewhere in the Admin Interface. But no! It is secretly hidden from you and if it was not for the Internet, you might still be trying to uncover this mystery.

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17 August 2009 • Geek stuff, Information technology


Bartek  on 16 Jun 2010 wrote:

I have no Siteusrs.aspx page into layouts folder. My SharePoint installation is MOSS 2007. Do you mean people.aspx or userdisp.aspx ?

Bram Braakman  on 16 Jun 2010 wrote:


I think that they have changed things in MOSS 2007. Does it work for you to use people.aspx or userdisp.aspx? I do not have a MOSS 2007 server available for testing this right now.

Thank you,






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