Cleansing my digital life - minimalistic resolutions (Give it up for Lent)

Overdose at Christmas
And give it up for lent
My friends are all so cynical
Refuse to keep the faith
We all enjoy the madness cause we know we're gonna fade away
Robbie Williams - Millenium

Early January is the time of New Year resolutions. Yet for some years, I have tried to steer clear of those. Any time is a good time for resolutions, one might say. What me and my fiancée like to every year though, is try and find something that we can give up for Lent - which will start on February 17th this year.

Every year we try to be creative with what we "give up" for a period of 44 days. We do have an unwritten rule that whatever we give up, should not inconvenience our professional life too much and should not deliberately interfere with our day-to-day functioning and general health. We did give up 'alcohol' one year, which some might say would definitely interfere with their "day-to-day" functioning. Giving up meat was quite a challenge as well, but enriched our food experiences by searching for fish alternatives.

This year I am quite early with the 'giving up for Lent' business. The most likely reason for that is that I feel I need to purge my life of some activities that take up too much time. Lent would be a good way of starting that 'purge'.

I am an avid Google Reader user and over the past year my Feed subscriptions have grown in numbers. Keeping track of all these feeds has been taking an increasingly amount of time of my day. Though I like to keep up-to-date with news and technology - having to spent a few hours every day to sort through hundreds of posts has become a little wearisome. So my resolution for Lent (what I am planning to give up) is to clean out most of my Google Reader subscriptions.

As I follow some of these feeds for work, I doubt I will decide to give them all up (and then having to reside to visiting different websites/blogs on a regular basis). But I will promise to give up the most time-consuming ones that I can easily live without for 44 days (and maybe for much longer).

In trying to be more minimalistic about my Google Reader usage (online reading) I am going to have to unsubscribe to the "minimalism" blogs I follow as well. No more "minimalism" blogs in order to pursue minimalism...

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