About this blog (and its author)

This blog is basically about everything that I find interesting enough to write about.

This website is my personal blog. Things that I find interesting (and have the time to write about) might end up on this blog. Since I find tons of things interesting, there will be no central theme, i.e. little focus. However, I will try not to ramble to much about my own life - it should still be interesting enough for anyone else but me.

In an attempt to narrow things down a little bit: I am into tech stuff: computers, internet, health and self-help, minimalism, human progress, history, movies and games, business and investing, nature and a bunch of other things. I can be into sports and politics too. Same goes for cooking, art, culture, languages, traveling, etc.

Professionally, I work in the information business as the co-owner of Legalsense and as a freelance IT manager for Eversheds Faasen. Check my profile on LinkedIn.

If you want to contact me, please do. Unless you belong to one of these categories:

  1. mean and evil Spambot
  2. malicious being without a soul
  3. not worth my or anyone else's time

Please enjoy my writing. We live in exciting times.

Technical info

This blog uses Expression Engine (EE). A wonderful blogging system/CMS (Content Management System) developed by Ellislab. I recommend it to anyone who wants a little more flexibility and freedom than what you regurlarly get from systems like Wordpress. Don't get me wrong, Wordpress is wonderful too.

The site itself runs on a linux server (Ubuntu based).

For the template editing I often use Coda - a handy editor for the Mac. CSS work I nowadays almost always do in CSS Edit - a truly superb CSS editor for the Mac.